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Earn Bitcoins With Coinbase And Make Money (and a Bonus!)

Earn Bitcoins With Coinbase And Make Money (and a Bonus!)

| September 12, 2017 | 0 Comments

Bitcoin is innovative Internet currency. It is independent of any banks, institutions or governments – it’s called decentralized currency. It is accessible from anywhere you have access to the Internet or mobile – that’s almost everywhere. This currency has no limits, and we can send it to any place of the world, while avoiding banks and brokers – we do not pay a commission, we have no restrictions or limitations.


Regardless of the type of currency, which we are using, we need place, where we can keep our money. It’s exactly the same with bitcoins. One of the many Internet wallets is Coinbase – simple in use and safe service. It allows us to easily buy, sell, send, receive or simply store bitcoins.


We can find a lot of services like this, but it’s worth using Coinbase because this Internet wallet has few interesting advantages:

  1. Sending or receiving currency is actually for free.
    It’s only 1% fee for buying or selling. Transferring bitcoins between different accounts is free of charge.
  2. Service allows us buying or selling bitcoins in easy way.
    We just need to connect our Coinbase account to our bank account and we can start buying bitcoins. Coinbase will complete our buy and deliver our bitcoins.
    Selling bitcoins works the same way but in reverse.
    The price of bitcoin changes over time, but before we buy something we will be informed about current exchange rate.
  3. They have ensured proper protection, so we don’t have to worry about it.
  4. Coinbase has simple interface, so we can easily find what we want (bitcoins’ exchange, using wallet or merchant tools).


The service has earned trust of many popular companies. It should be mentioned here, among others, famous brands such as Google, Mozilla, Reddit, PayPal, Bing, Dell or Expedia. There are many more companies. The number of customers of Coinbase provides only about reliability of the service and encourages to start using this Internet wallet. Coinbase is also an Internet payment gateway – mentioned companies use the service not as an online wallet, but as a payment intermediary.


It’s easy. We just need to sign up using this link which we get from someone. Then we need to buy $100 (or 100 of some other currency). After that we will get equivalent $10 in bitcoins – both, we and the person from whom we got the referral link.


You know that Bitcoin is growing day after day. So, basically there are two options to make serious money:

  1. Holding your Bitcoin, forgot them for a few months and sell them when they go up
  2. Check when they go up each day and sell the margin (scalping)

With Coinbase it’s easy to make money, and you can withdraw from Bitcoin to Dollars or in your local value in a few moments, so you can receive your money directly to your Bank.

Mypayingcryptoads Payment Proof

Mypayingcryptoads Payment Proof

| September 12, 2017 | 0 Comments

Mypayingcryptoads Payment Proofs 2017. One of the most trusted revenue sharing now is Mypayingcryptoads. Following the footsteps of its predecessor Mypayingcryptoads but exclusively using Bitcoin as its payment processor. Live the full life. Work at the comfort of your home. Sign Up Here.

Herculist Review Get The Most Affordable Email Marketing Program Online

Herculist Review Get The Most Affordable Email Marketing Program Online

| September 12, 2017 | 0 Comments

Herculist Email and Affiliate Program Herculist is a safelist, email marketing, and affiliate marketing program that is paying over 70,000 members worldwide since 2010. Joining is free plus you get instant $5.00 signup bonus but you get massive benefits when you upgrade your account at a very minimal investment.

Please signup at Herculist here to get your $5 signup bonus and start your way to earning through this amazing program!

After signup, login to your account and you will be offered to upgrade to gold for a very affordable price of $24.95 per year. This will allow you to email to over 70,000 members everyday. That is an affordable value of just $0.06 per submission. Nowhere can you find this kind of offer.

You can remain as a free member and can still take advantage of emailing thousands of members and earn commissions too but as a gold member, you earn 50% commissions on all you referrals upgrades and purchases!

Work on getting those referrals and sales and you should be able to earn a substantial income. But wait there’s more. Triple your income by joining other programs made by the same owners and admins of Herculist:

My Top 5 Traffic Exchange Programs 2016 How To Earn 3000 USD Per Month With Traffic Exchange

| September 12, 2017 | 0 Comments

Join all my manual traffic exchange programs below and start your way to earn over $100.00 per day or $3,000.00 per month with only a 1 or 2 upgraded referrals per day. It will just keep on growing as residual income as long as you keep your referrals active. Traffic exchange programs are also great in getting referrals to your other money making programs.

What is a traffic exchange program?

These are programs that allow you to get free traffic to your websites, blogs, or referral links for free when you also visit other members websites, blogs, or referral links.

Types of traffic exchange programs?

Manual traffic exchange. These are traffic exchange programs where you visit another member’s link for a certain period of time then do a simple verification process to proceed to view another member’s link.

Automatic traffic exchange. These are traffic exchange programs where you just login then keep the surf program open and it will view different members links at a certain period of time without any verification.

Manual traffic exchange programs are more effective because members actually look at your link and can become potential referrals or buyers while automatic traffic exchange programs are good to increase your traffic stats such as alexa rank, blog rank, etc.

How to make money with traffic exchange?

Aside from getting potential referrals and buyers to your promotional links, you can also earn huge commissions from referral upgrades and purchases. Most programs pay through Paypal. By joining a lot of programs, you can potentially multiply and earn hundreds even thousands of dollars per month in residual income.