My Top 5 Autosurf Programs 2016 How To Earn 3000 USD Per Month Money Online With Autosurfs

Top 5 Autosurf Programs 2016
Autosurf programs are not so great in getting referrals but it is good in improving your alexa rank and blog statistics which in turn will give your blog or website more exposure which may also help in getting those referrals and sales so you can earn more online. Autosurf programs also give you the opportunity to earn referral commissions which is great if you are a serious internet and affiliate marketer. Below are my top 5 autosurf programs for 2016. Be sure to join all of them. Upgrade if you have the budget so you can earn more. Once you have joined all of them, when you start your day as an internet marketer, open all these autosurfs and just keep them running to earn credits and assign them to your websites or blogs. If you get about 5 signups per day on each of these autosurf programs who upgrades, you can earn over $100.00 per day that's $3,000.00 per month and it will keep on growing as residual and passive income as long as your referrals remain active.

Hitleap - Earn $4.00 per month per referral
10khits - Earn $4.00 per month per referral
247Autohits - Earn $5.00 per month per referral
Smileytraffic - Earn $0.35 per active referral
Twistrix - Earn $10.00 per month per referral
Yibbida - Earn 10% for all referral purchases


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