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Hi, my name is Chris. Just a guy from Manila, Philippines. Started as a call center agent then turned internet marketer working at the comfort of home.

First of all anyone reading this for the first time might be doubtful if it is really possible to earn money online. I can't blame you because I felt the very same thing when I started way back 2007. But think about it. Many self made millionaires now became who they are because of the internet. Just look at the owners and staff of Google, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and a lot more.

Though it would take a lot of talent for us to be in the same level as the big internet icons, we can still make a lot of money online with little to no talent at all. All you need is a stable internet connection and your computer or laptop and the world is practically in the palm of your hands. Based on experience, it is very possible to earn over P100,000.00 online even if you are here in the Philippines or wherever you are in the world.

Check out these payment proofs and be inspired!

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I have shortlisted sites that you can make money from home for FREE. You do not need to invest or spend to join. Start joining these sites and you will be on your way to earning money at the comfort of your home. You are the boss. You work at your own time. You do not have to drive or commute your way to work. You are free and you can live life to the fullest with the help of online opportunities!

Best money making sites as of 2016:


Click here to register a free account. Login to your account then click your username/account summary. Complete the daily checklist to earn bonus - view ads, clixgrid game, complete tasks, complete offers, visit the forum. That is all the job you need to do everyday.

You can also visit our Clixsense Updates @ Facebook. It is very possible to earn over $50.00 per day at Clixsense. Some veteran members are earning even more. Try searching google, facebook, and youtube for payment proofs to believe. Clixsense has been paying Filipinos and all their members since it started on 2007.

Join our team too at Clixsenseteam and Clixsenseteamph.


Click here to register a free account. Login to your account then click all the ads under "view advertisements" and complete tasks under "offers". That is all the job you need to do everyday.

You can also visit our Neobux Updates @ Facebook. It is very possible to earn over $100.00 per day at Neobux. Some veteran members are earning even more. Try searching google, facebook, and youtube for payment proofs to believe. Neobux has been paying Filipinos and all their members since it started on 2008.

The $100 per day earning strategy: Though you can earn as a free member at neobux, if you are really serious about earning a living online, we highly recommend you upgrade your account to at least golden and rent referrals then always extend them to max. For every 100 rented referrals the average earning is about $1 per day. Having 10,000 rented referrals will earn you $100 per day.


Click here to register a free account. Login to your account then install the hitleap software then have it running to earn credits. Go to "my websites" and input your referral links at Neobux, Clixsense, Paidverts, and Digadz. This will help you to get referrals for these programs so you can earn some more. You also earn commissions from hitleap if your referrals purchase traffic. Keep your hitleap software running in the background while you are online to earn credits so your referral links are always exposed giving you more chances of getting referrals thus earning more.


Click here to join Markethealth for free.

Markethealth is an affiliate money making program. You can earn upto 50% sales commissions. Income potential is unlimited. They have a wide range of products of health and beauty products. Some affiliates buy wholesale and sell retail offline to generate sales from customers who cannot purchase online (those without credit cards).

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do you get paid?

Most sites pay through online or international banks called as payment processors. The most common ones are Paypal, Perfectmoney, Solidtrustpay, Egopay, and Payza. Be sure to register to these sites too. It's free and you do not need to have a bank account or a credit card to create an account.

Once the programs you have joined pay you in your payment processor you can easily transfer to funds to your local bank such as Unionbank, RCBC, BPI, BDO, Metrobank, Security Bank, and more.

If you do not have a bank account, you can have your funds encashed through a legit exchanger such as Paychanger or Mgcseller.

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  2. we have temporarily removed PAIDVERTS as they are currently under maintenance and there is no ETA as of now.

  3. one of my referrals asked today if this is networking. most of the programs we are promoting are PTC or paid to click where you can earn for free but if you treat it as a business the income potential is unlimited. earning $100 a day is very possible. we are also promoting affiliate marketing programs where you can earn sales commissions. you do not need to pay to be a member. networking involves a pay in to be able to start earning from them. once in a while we also promote networking and HYIP or high yield investment programs where you need to pay in to start earning and you will only earn in networking or mlm if you refer and sell their products. in HYIP you do not need to pay in but you need to invest to earn and the risk is high because the program is most likely to disappear in a few days but if we are lucky it could last for months.

  4. there have been reports of selective payments only at infinityfinancecorp. we will remove it now in our list. it was good run. hyip lasting for more than 2 months.

  5. paidverts is back in our list after a long time under maintenance. buying ad packs is now raised to $50 per day so we should see some fast movement in earnings these next few days hopefully. share prices are still low so you can buy more or for those waiting for the price to go up and sell their shares hold on to it a little bit longer.

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